Inspection results according to the Air Environment Conservation Act

This is the smoke test result on June 31, 2006

At that time, the smoke inspection method was the pre-knockdown inspection method, 

and the maximum acceleration was 4,000 RPM, and the inspection result was

After that, the law changed, and now we do a smoke test at 3rd level 40 Km.


* At that time, the product was in the initial development state, and the current product has been doubled and improved.

2006년 6월 31일 매연검사 결과입니다
당시 매연 검사방법은 프리 녹다운 검사방식 이어서 최대 가속하여 4,000 RPM에서
입니다 그 후 법이 바뀌어 지금은 3단에서 40 Km 에서 매연검사를 합니다
* 당시에 제품이 개발초기 상태이고 현재 제품은 2배로 향상되었습니다.