The fuel-saving effect you can see with your eyes?

Is it possible to reduce fuel by 28%?

Pre-processing is possible

A 28% reduction in fuel injection is confirmed in ECU

As a pretreatment method, the efficiency is increased, the vibration and noise are reduced… strength is getting better


As a pretreatment method, the efficiency is increased, the vibration and noise are reduced… strength is getting better 

can you refuse?

Combustion chamber by revealing “automotive fuel saving principle”

Successful conversion of fuel efficiency improvement method through combustion chamber optimization.

Fuel Economy Research Institute Source: Fuel Economy Research Institute
2019-10-11 09:00

Miracle3 fuel-saving principle technology announcement – fuel efficiency improvement through optimization

((Newswire) On October 10, 2019, CREZENN announced on the 10th that it had succeeded in converting the fuel-saving principle of automobiles into an optimization method.(Newswire) On October 10, 2019, CREZENN introduced the principle
                    of reducing fuel in automobiles.

The car calculates the value of each sensor in the ECU (aka car computer unit) to determine the fuel injection amount.

When Miracle 3 is installed, the environment in the combustion chamber is optimized, so the value of each sensor changes and the changed value is transmitted to the ECU.

With the correction order, the fuel injection amount is reduced by about 20% or more, which is converted to fuel efficiency improvement

자동차공학 100년 이상된 후처리 방식에서, 전세계 자동차 최고 엔지니어 들에서, 최적화되어 나온 것이 완성차입니다 

그래서 “연료절감기는 효과가 없다” 이것은, 지금까지 후처리 방식에 대한, 전문가들에 정설입니다

The logic or theory of all automobile experts was the doctrine of the post-processing method, and there was no theory or logic about the pre-processing method.

 자동차 연비 향상 연구소는 세계에서 처음으로 전처리 방식의 이론을  2008년 12 월31일 발표하였습니다

 특허 제 10-11466026호 취득하였고 논리를 바탕으로 제품을 제조하여 후처리 방식의 완성차에 추가 장착하여

Reduction of fuel and exhaust gas by 24~30% has been verified through G-SCAN2 test equipment

 전 세계의 트렌드가 되는 환경 보호 및 연비 향상을 구현하기 위해 10여 년에 걸쳐 전세계 전 차종 16개 엔진 

타입에 따라 개발하였습니다.세부적으로는 EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6, EURO 7,유럽 환경 기준 강화에 따라 엔진 

We have developed optimization technology in accordance with changes in the form, and commercialized technology that can be applied to all vehicle types.

Miracle is also called "engine pretreatment fuel and exhaust gas reduction device", and is also called a fuel saving device. 

Miracle 3 main body is installed in the air cleaner and is supplied with power from the control box attached to the battery.

Intake air, suitable for combustion, of carbon fiber, which is a high-tech material, radiant energy, far infrared rays and negative ions, ceramic balls, magnetic field,

이용하여 연소실의 환경을 최적화 하는 방식입니다.

이 기술이 적용된 Miracle 3은 환경오염과 유가가 상승하는 시대에 차종에 따라 약 24%~30% 이상의 연료 절감 

It can be expected to reduce environmental pollution by reducing the effect and soot, and the output increases immediately after installation, resulting in improved agility 

진동과 소음이 줄어듭니다.

㈜ 발라스는 이 기술을 널리 보급하기 위하여 벤츠,BMW,아우디등 수입차를 대상으로

테스트동영상을 제작 할 것이고, 미국EPA 인증을 추진하고 있습니다.


How can I upgrade?

미라클3는 전처리방식으로 연소실최적화입니다  장착 후, 장착 즉시 출력이 상승하여 소음, 진동이 줄어들어, 승차감이 좋아집니다

그러나 계절에 따라서 환경이 변하면 성능이 저하됩니다

그럴때는 설치할때와 같이 프로그램세팅을 다시 하면 업그레이드 되어 출력이 상승되어 업그레이드 됩니다 

Are all cars the same?

According to Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6, Euro 7 (European environmental standards), the engine type is different, and it is different according to gasoline, diesel, LPG, etc. Miracle 3 developed 15 data according to vehicle model

How much fuel is saved?

In general, fuel savings of about 20 to 30% will be

How long does life last?

Although the material is semi-permanent, “Once settling is guaranteed for more than 3 years” A/S is free for 1 year, and after that, it is handled with a fee.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Please contact media organizations, automobile clubs, and headquarters that require verification.